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Default Museum of Military Technology GRYF, Dabrowka, Poland

I took a trip to Poland this week (not easy with all the Covid testing required) to see Stutthof Concentration Camp and dropped into this museum near Gdansk. It seems to be based at Polands old sapper school or something as it has a huge collection of mines, explosives, associated things.

But it also has a modest collection of vehicles - both covil and military from WWII to the Cold war. I will post some pictures but I dont have much information as everything was in Polish.

Before anyone starts moaning - the exhibits are muddy because for about 800 zl (160 euro maybe?) you can drive (or at least be in a driving one) any of the exhibits but you have to arrange that in advance.

This is a T-72 or T-55 (the experts can decide - Im not good on newer armor) without armor plates attached or something. Has a weeird skeletal appearance.

This is a few of their artillery pieces.

They had an old ISU-152 or something which they are restoring.

Then they had a Gepard and a fairly obligatory T-34.

I do not know what the next three are......


They also have a decent Panther replica which was used in a number of films including Warsaw 44...which I can actually recommend even with language problems.

I think its based on a T-55?

And a Czech half track which is apparently based on some German one.