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Chad Veich
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Brian Taylor, Dave Platt, and Jim Meister have all designed Mustangs with what they claim are scale airfoils. I've not compared them to the actual Mustang airfoils but they all certainly look very close to right at a glance. All of them have been built and flown extensively over the years and seem to fly just fine. Jerry Bates recently released a 1/5 scale P-51B with a scale wing that has been successfully flown by numerous people as well, although it is new enough that I have not heard much about how well it flies. Have not heard that it flies poorly though. Strangely enough, the BT design has a great reputation for being a good flyer and is the smallest of them all at 69 inch span. In my opinion the airfoil is just not that critical (within reason of course) and building light and straight has far more impact on performance than airfoil selection. My .02 cents only.