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JR Propo / Dee Force Aviation is selling their last units at $600, https://www.deeforce.net/product-pag...mv-dmss-module The XG series is no longer being manufactured, so even new it is one step closer to not being supported. The XG11MV is physically larger than your XG6. As it is designed to support the older 72 MHz modules, it uses a 3-series LiFe battery rather than a 2-series used by rest of the XG line.

The XG11 programming is the most sophisticated of the XG series. On the other hand, the XG11 capacity for handling multiple servos is less than the XG14. In ACRO without resorting to the XBus, the maximum aileron servos that are supported is four. These four are meant to be grouped into a pair of two-servo gangs. In GLID configuration, it is not capable of handling the programming for an aircraft with a wing that has more than two ailerons and two flaps without resorting to do-it-yourself program mixes. The XG14 programming can support a six-aileron channel wing in ACRO and a four-channel wing in GLID.

I have both an XG11MV and XG14. I prefer the XG14 for my powered planes as it is lighter and its programming is sufficient. For my sailplane where the programming can become more involved, I use the XG11MV. As the XG11MV supports XBus, eleven channels are more than sufficient for aircraft that require multiple servos per flying surface.


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