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I needed a 1/16" Allen Key to remove the grub screws which retain the carburetter and the exhaust. I have a set of Imperial Allen keys but guess which one is missing!

However, when I was last in England I bought a sort of multi-tool from the model shop in Weston Super Mare because I needed a very small screwdriver for micro servos. Cost me 18! That's about 21.25 or $25 US. It had a further fifteen bits in the handle including a 1/16" Allen Key. With a bit of WD 40 and some heat I was able to remove the four grub screws which secure the carburetter and the exhaust, though two of them require some further persuasion in the form of pliers on the exposed part of the grub screws!

Having swapped the carburetter and exhaust over I installed the engine in the test stand and it fired up staight away. The high speed needle required a little adjustment, the low speed needle required no adjustment, throttling and tick over were excellent. I was running it on a Bolly 10.5 x 7 prop which was perhaps a bit small for the engine but it's what I had to hand. A 12x6 or 13x6 is normally recommended..

However, there is a stripped thread where the rear r/h bolt screws into the crankcase which permitted some oil leakage and the prop-driver is cracked. Jonathan Harper of Laser informs me that the 62's prop driver is the same as the one fitted to the current Laser 70 so I'll order a new one. I'll see if I can get a helicoil insert fitted. A Metric one would do. It doesn't have to be 4BA. I'll probably treat it to a pair of piston rings while I'm at it.. Any advice for the cosmetic restoration of the engine would be appreciated.

Fancy owning an engine for 10-15 years and repeatedly trying to start it without success over the years without realising that the carburetter and the exhaust had been transposed! I own another six single cylinder Lasers too!

Apparently it was quite common in the past for brand new engines to be returned to the factory because they wouldn't run. This was because the owners had fitted the exhaust and the carburetters the wrong way round! Nowadays they leave the factory with the carburetter already fitted!