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Once more Chad thanks for your interest and followup. I got the 2 models from Wilfredo Rivera, a club member. He had gotten it from Ramon. The model were asked to be built, by two club members. Robert Tanner and Gustavo Diaz. Tanner's was fully built and flown. Gustavo's was never finished and the model and accessories were kept by Ramon Medina the model builder. Tanner's FW 190 was flown by him and later traded to Wilfredo for another model. The FW 190 was too big and bulky for Tanner that is why he traded it.

Wilfredo didn't fly the model in that first turn around and traded it back to Ramon for another model Ramon had made. The photo's at the beginning of the post of the pure white model FW 190 is the fully built model again in Ramon’s possession and ready to be flown. I named the model "Blanca Nieves" snow white at the time, for obvious reasons. Ramon had changed the scheme to winter camouflage. After flying it 4-5 times. Ramon sold the model to Wilfredo once more including Gustavo's 80% built 2nd FW 190. l have ways been interested in Blanca Nieves but came late to the party and somebody else got it.

Wilfredo only flew it 5-6 times and stored it. I tried thru times to trade it with Wilfredo, but it took at least two years for that to happen. Wilfredo ran out of space in his shop and I think the model intimidated him a little and he finally sold it to me along with the 80% twin brother. I think I got a good very deal and Wilfredo got the space he needed. All along, Wilfredo had told me it was a Ziroli model. I took it face value. I never worried about verifying that until you came along.

After a very long time, I had Blanca Nieves with me, now a German beauty called "Schneewittchen". snow white in German. Hope she treats me well and I fly it more than 5-6 times without having her beat my self esteem.

I hope I did not burden you with the story..

Once more, much in debt with you.

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