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Originally Posted by 1QwkSport2.5r View Post
If youre talking about the nip at just below Top Dead Center, that is indeed normal and very desirable. Preheat the engine to 200F before trying to start it and that problem wont be a problem anymore. The cylinder expands at the top with heat reducing the mechanical pinch. The longer your engine retains that pinch, the better off you are because it means the e fine is still in like-new mechanical condition.
Thanks for the feedback.

COVID has meant over 200 days of lockdown here in Victoria, Australia. Hard to afford parts due to loss of income, but easy to connect with people like you that want to lend a virtual hand.

My remaining tests-to-start will be:
1 - Re-test pre-heating engine to 200F / 96 C
2 - Source O.S. A5 glowplug instead of A3
3 - Get another fuel to rule in/out
4 - Re-Calibrate the carby