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Originally Posted by Jmccrabb58 View Post
Picked up a CG 90 trainer from a yard sale
want to clean all of the fuel system
nitro fuel is so expensive, can I use methanol
Your nitro fuel is also methanol. Methanol, oil and nitromethane. So pure methanol is ok to use if you can get it. I wouldn't waste methanol though since I use methanol, mix with oil and run then engine with it.

For cleaning I get denatured alcohol from the hardware store.

Soap and hot water is also good. Just make sure you let everything dry before putting things back together.

Depending on the condition of the fuel system. You can probably save the tank but the rubber stopper may be old, brittle and sometimes even gummy. I would get a new one from Dubro or Sullivan product. Also new silicone fuel line will help. You want to make sure the plumbing is good so there is no leak or blockage.