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Well the model is officially finished. Today I finally balanced the 41 lbs beast. Tried initially with the tool I always use, but it cannot handle Snow White. She is too hefty a girl.

A friend of mine lent me the tool he uses. He made it himself and boy does it work well.

First, the model rests in a cushioned saddle which has a large foot print. This prevents stressing any part of the wing sheeting or even piercing it.

Second, it is very easy to place the model in it and align the CG mark on the model with the balance point in the saddle.
Third and very important, is so stable and sturdy that you can work on the model to install weight or relocate weight if needed, I had to add weight and thus remove the spinner and its 10 screws, the prop and its 6 screws, the cowling and its 6 screws, install the added weight which required drilling and thread making and the install it all back. All without removing the beast from the tool. Only placed a third contact point on the fuselage front right behind the cowling divider.
The tool is excellent and asked my friend to please make me one.

Only thing between the maiden flight day and today, is a small leak in the air system for the retracts. I am making a tool to be able to easily find out were the leak is. I made this tool/system a long while ago but for the lower pressure system used then of 60 lbs. Need to make another one for the 100 lbs + used in these large scale models. Ordered the pieces from Amazon and should get them this week.

Will let you know what I found and how I repaired it.

In the meantime, I will hang “Schneewittchen” in her vertical storage.

"Schneewittchen" balanced and still like in trance

"Schneewittchen" balanced and still like in trance

Balance point and CG 5 3/4" from wing center

Balance Point and CG 5 3/4" from wing center

Wilfredo Morales balancing tool in CG adjusting. position

Wilfredo Morales balancing tool in storage position