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Since I have been flying electric power for about 20 years the calculation was done in my head. You can also download an app called Ecalc. The key to determining prop size is the motors KV rating. The KV rating is RPM per volt. In your case 2450 x 11.1 = 27,195. A very high RPM so a small prop is required. In fact your 10x4.7 will come apart at that RPM. If your ESC didn’t burn up you would have been generating more like 500-600 watts and pulling 50-60 amps. I would strongly suggest a different motor with a KV of around 1000 to 1200. That KV with the motor size of 22mm is much better suited for your airplane and should be just fine with the 10 x4.7 that is a suitable prop for your airplane type. I prefer the Dualsky brand of motors and ESCs, you can also find them on eBay but the Vendor Aloft Hobbies is where I buy mine.

This would be a good choice.


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