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Default Moving into tanks - need a little advice from the pros

Hello all - I've been flying fixed wing RC since the mid 90ís and rotary wing since 2013. Iím now looking into getting an RC tank as they seem cool, and Iíd like to get my young kids into the RC hobby as well.
Iíve narrowed it down to 1/16th scale German Tiger 1, King Tiger, or Panther G, so my questions will be solely about these three models.
While cost isnít really a factor, Iím not trying to Ďget the cheapest thing possibleí.
It appears Torro/Taigen (Iím told they are the same thing, just different distributors) have a RTR metal versions of the three tanks Iím interested in that are totally scale, and painted.
Additionally, Iíve been told to Ďget a Tamiyaí. It appear Tamiya tanks are only available as kits that require assembly (no problem for me), and painting (not something Iím interested in doing).

-Are Tamiya tanks metal or plastic? Iím getting conflicting info on this.
-Are the Torro/Taigen metal RTR 1/16 scale solid tanks (reliable/easy to work on)?
-Is there an advantage to plastic over metal?
-Are Tamiya tanks only available as kits?
-Are parts readily available for both Torro/Taigen and Tamiya tanks?

Many thanks ahead of time!
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