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Good that it has carbon fiber, yet the spar is only 5/8” wide between the holes for the retract actuator and the strut clearance, unless this is a 3mm solid carbon plate, I don’t think it will compensate for such a small spar area.

mine is reinforced and widened to 1.5” as I did away with the retract actuator clearance hole on the rear spar, both front and rear spar are reinforced.
also my complete wing, from retract box to retract box, has double solid birch spars

see picture of reinforced rear spar on “shoulder” of wing where there has been documented failures, spar is reinforced like that from one retract bay to the other, both front and rear spars

As commented earlier, I will be selling the Corsair wing fix former kit for the spars between both retract bays. The retract bays have two options.
a) dual (front/back) 5/8” wide birch reinforcement doublers (this can be supplied by the user, so no parts will be included on former kit, only instructions)
b) rear 1.5” wide birch doubler + front 5/8” wide birch doubler (this option requires modification of the retract actuator housings, this can be done by the user or I can offer the service for an hourly machining rate) the doublers for the retract sections will be included as an extra option on the former kit

Solid rear spar visible through servo access opening, this is one of two parallel solid birch spars that go from one retract bay to the other bypassing original weakened poplar ply spars

Rear birch doubler for retract area, hole for actuator is eliminated to offer a wider spar for better distribution of loads reducing criticality of the original spar weak point

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