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I highly recommend both Taigen and Tamiya. As you said Taigen/Torro is mostly RTR (although you can buy Taigen as a "kit" - not painted ARTR). Tamiya kits are... kits to build yourself

Parts are widely available for Taigen/Torro but for Tamiya not so much. Also Tamiya spare parts are as expencive as their kits. Some parts and details are interchangeable between manufacturers.

Most "pro" Taigen tanks have metal chassis (or at least sheet metal insert), metal wheels and tracks - see picture. Upper hull is mostly plastic which have advantages like ease of modifications, drilling, sanding etc. Turrets are mostly metal which causes some problems with the stiffness of the hull (modellers deal with this by strengthening them from the inside with sheet metal).

In general, those tanks are quite durable, but remember that they are not toys. They don't like tall grass and stones. Many of us change gearboxes and electronics for more realistic movement as stock are little too fast.

PS. Don't bother with BB version.

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