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Question Help Needed - 2 x ESC into Dasmikro TBS Mini

Hi - I have been building a basic tank during lockdown using a lot of spares and items I had from previous boat buildings. I am using a Flysky T6 transmitter with channels 1 & 2 mixed to 2 x esc to run motors and steering which seems to work ok on test. I now want to add a Das Mikro TBS Mini for engine sounds and cannot find info on how to connect 2 x esc so that the engine sounds work with both esc, All the info seems to relate to 1 x esc which is on all the wiring diagrams I have found and is understandable, ( Rx chan 2 to Prop1 and the second Prop 1 to Esc ) Can anybody advise where the second esc, Channel 1 on Rx and with bec disconnected should be plugged into. I am hoping to use other connections later for cannon fire and flash - machine gun - front and rear lights and maybe turret rotation / elevation sounds.
Thanks for anyhelp received