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Originally Posted by HansenTsang View Post
Ok, in my experience if I put an engine back correctly the idle mixture will not change much. Unless of course you have change the idle screw position when you took it apart. The best way for me to check the idle screw adjustment is by trial and error and I use the "pinch the fuel line" method.

I adjust the idle mixture screw to an approximate position. I use a tachometer and run the engine. Get the high end adjusted approximately. Then lower throttle lever slowly and listen to the engine and watch the tachometer. When you get to a fairly low RPM, hold it and pinch the fuel line. If the engine speeds up for a long time your idle is too rich. Close the idle screw by 1/4 turn and try again. If adjusted properly the engine should speed up just a little bit (300 to 400 rpm) and die. If the engine quit before speeding up your idle screw is too far in.

If adjusting the idle screw does not change the low speed behavior of your engine idle then you did not put the engine back together correctly or there are other issues with your engine. Most likely a lack of compression or bad bearings.
There is no way to put the engine parts together badly. The problem was presented yesterday on the airfield. In this week I will try to correct the fault in my workshop. I will let you know of the results. Thank you for your information.