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Hi Mark,

That I didnít know, that it was a Polar orbit. I sure hope there are more launched from here. I was so EXCITINGÖ.. I must have sounded like a kid. Once again thank you for the insights as to the use for those satellites were launched I was under the impression it was mostly for putting up WiFi stations over areas where there are no towers for people to have coverage.

Yes I was reading up a bit on the Inspiration flight and those 4 souls trained for 6 months for the Journey.

Congratulations on the re-Maiden flight of your Stinger. I am glad you you got out of the house and had some fun, you certainly were due for some. I think we have all had that loose battery at one time or another shift and throw the CG off and in some cases bring it back to mother earth the hard way and other a real struggle to get it back and get it landed. So I am glad you were cognizant of what could happen and didnít do your flips and rolls and inverted flight.

I kind of remember that front gear getting bent I think? Good deal on noticing that cold joint on the ESC wow! Yes our weather is been 101 104 day and day out and weíre just plum tired of it. Today weíre supposed to hit a low of 96 lol.
Iíve only flown once or twice since March 2019 when we left our desert location. I did fly the Mavic over the house and make some videos of my intent is in roof gutters and what have you but I have not been able to do a lot while under treatment.

Good to hear you did a dry run on the tunnel portals and that the railroad cars all fit properly. What youíve got in the pictures with the track beds and the close landscape to the tracks looks really really great, congrats on that your hard work has paid off. I watch the video on the smoker and was very impressed with it. I have a smoker in my Patton tank that Iíve showed you in a video I believe and it has a few drops of the oil in there and the element gets hot and makes the smoke come out under the tank like itís a diesel with the sound as well. But for the volcano that is gonna be so cool Iím looking forward to seeing how that comes out for you.

Thanks for the inclusion in your post for the photos of your soon to be finished tunnels in mountains and the layout, itís really enjoyable to look at your progress and Iím glad youíre taking your time as there should be no rush, quality would definitely suffer and thatís not the way you run I know that.

You take care and I hope you get a fly more often and the weather breaks for you.


please explain to me what is meant by ballast track?