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Originally Posted by tedsander View Post
Well, I don't have one of these, and a manual search came up with a model that might be the one you have. But it wasn't very helpful. Couldn't find a reference to "fly plus beta", although did see a github entry about the latest upgrade for 14 channels. Unclear whether this is what you have, or it even is appropriate for that radio.
In any event, it looks like you want to switch control from one servo to another. For all radio systems, you can't have two servos sharing a channel on the receiver and control them separately (they would both do the same thing, all the time). You'll need one servo on one channel, and another on a different one (just for here, lets call that CH8).
So the scheme would be for an output from the radio going to the first channel (CH3 in your example), and then CH8 when the switch is flipped, that would stop controlling the first servo, and start controlling the second.
That's usually set up in Mixing. So if switch A is one way, it directs to CH3, and the other, to CH8. Will likely require two separate mix entries. Unclear, from the manual I saw, as to whether you can turn on and off a mix with a switch on your radio. In some systems, the mix is always active.
If SWA can only control CH7, then the mix would be Ch7 to Ch3 only if SWA was, say "up", and then CH7 to CH8 only if SWA was down. (if it lets you define "only up and only down" for a switch in mixing).
If it can be set up, you'll have to consider what happens on the servo that is currently not being operated. Is it acceptable for it to stay where it was when you switched, or does it have to go some default position? You'd have to test to see what your radio does when a servo stops receiving any position information from the transmitter, when the switch is flipped the other way. It may just stay where it was, or may return to a "center" position.

this makes sense now! what Iíve needed up doing is buying a 10 channel receiver instead and pairing that with my transmitter. Iíve put the additional servo on ch7 and Iíll utilise a switch to control the other function rather than the left joystick. It is possible to use the left stick to control both servos switching over an additional switch on the handset but Iím guessing this is done with mixing im just not 100% sure how to set that up.

Another question is if I wanted to limit the power to the engines to say half or a quarter power but utilising another switch on the transmitter would anyone know how to program this?