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Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post

this makes sense now! what Iíve needed up doing is buying a 10 channel receiver instead and pairing that with my transmitter. Iíve put the additional servo on ch7 and Iíll utilise a switch to control the other function rather than the left joystick. It is possible to use the left stick to control both servos switching over an additional switch on the handset but Iím guessing this is done with mixing im just not 100% sure how to set that up.

Another question is if I wanted to limit the power to the engines to say half or a quarter power but utilising another switch on the transmitter would anyone know how to program this?

That function is generically known as "dual rates". Some radios allow a lot of flexibility in which channels can have them active, and some are very dumb, and force it to happen on the three main controls (not throttle) at the same time. Your radio manual should have some basics about that.

It appears your desires may be exceeding the capability of the radio. While I really like any of the systems that use "OpenTX" (FrSky, Jumper, RadioMaster, etc.) it carries its own pretty steep learning curve. It will easily do everything you want, but you may find yourself taking a lot of time learning the sense of how it works, and figuring out how to implement it. Fun for people that like figuring out logic puzzles. Not so fun for those that just want to go use their system, without a lot of "programming". The good side is that even the cheapest OpenTX systems can do the same as the most expensive, you just pay for more switches, better sticks, a fancy case, color screen options, etc. The "how to do something" is all the same, otherwise.