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Originally Posted by serendpt View Post
Several years ago I had bought a few Sharma diesels (1.5cc and 3.2cc) just for the heck of it. I didn't think I'd be able to get them to run as we don't have access to model diesel fuel or the raw materials to make my own. Now that I've found a local source for ether based starting fuel I'm thinking of getting these babies going. Unfortunately I didn't store them properly and they appear to be seized. Any suggestions on how I should go about un-seizing them and getting them ready to try and start?

Quite a normal thing to happen to diesels. Lots of ways to unstick them. I'm assuming that they're not ball bearing engines. Usually heat works best, but don't get them too hot. You could stick then one at a time in a pot of water and boil it. Some people stick detergent in the water and then boil it. Others use a hot air blower like a hair dryer or paint stripper to heat it. Again don't get it too hot. About 100 degrees C is just fine. Get some kitchen mittens. Mount an old prop on it and begin rocking it gently too and fro. Squirt some Auto Transmission Fluid (aka ATF) into the intake and exhaust, and continue gently rocking the prop. They'll soon break free. Otherwise repeat until they do so. From then on use ATF to lubricate.

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