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Default Kyosho Foxx // Mad Force

Are these two vehicles using the same chassis? I have a FOXX. There is an old muffler for the Mad Force that mated up to their .21 engine that originally came on it. I want to mount that on the back of my FOXX. The only issue is the manifold on the .21 was built in and side exited. The current manifold exits 180 and is slightly further to the rear. Do you think I would be successful in cutting and straightening the manifold to secure the pipe in the rear? Let me know your thoughts. The pipe part is MAW010. I cant load pics. I am going to mount it to a FOXX using the MP9 manifold which is used on the FOXX now for the KE 25 it comes with. should work okay with a 25 coming off a 21.