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Default The October War- 619th TB hosts an annual Arab - Israeli battle

Every October 619th TB hosts an Arab - Israeli themed tank battle in San Diego.
This years battle was exceptionally great. We have been using an alternate field location this summer as we were pushed out of Mission Bay park by homeless and RVers that took over the area as the city stopped enforcing anything during Coronavirus.

Our alternate field has a 4ft raised area that became our Golan Heights and we had many battles defending and attacking the high ground as well as retreats and regrouping in the village for both the IDF and the Arab allies.
We also had some air support this battle from a Helicopter and had to deploy the Marksman tank to take it out.
Dak CO Ethan also flew a drone for a bit to film some action of the battle.
This was one of the best events I have had in quite a while. But I always look forward to the October War every year.

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