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Just an update but no real progress here. I've been 'off the air' for a while due to some other challenges but hopefully I can finish
up the remaining detail work on this Panther. With the changing times this will very likely be the last glow or ICE powered model
tank I work on. I'm grateful for all these and still love the extra layer of complexity ICE power imbued these models with. I cut my
teeth on them 45 years ago and never looked back. Now the times have changed. Electric power holds sway and ICE powered models
are less and less welcome just about everywhere. California has taken a step to essentially ban the sale and use of small gasoline engines
for garden and landscape maintenance and even though all my models are methanol fueled I have no doubt that this move will eventually
spill over to these types as well or at least make their operation more onerous.

So I will keep what I have as ICE powered but any further projects will be electric. As I've dipped both feet into 1/6 scale with their relatively large
electric power signatures that is where I'll focus. going forward. I have quite a few 1/10 projects that I will most likely sell off as I will not ever develop
them into finished models.