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All of my EC connectors have the vent hole and I have found a way that works for me. First I drill a hole in a hardwood block so I can stand the connector upright just deep enough to leave the solder side above the wood. I use a toothpick to coat the inside of the connector with very little flux then heat the outside opposite the vent hole and fill the hole with solder. If done right and regulating the heat you can fill the hole without solder coming out the hole (no bump).

Next bare the wire and twist together (do not tin) but put a little flux on the exposed wire. The solder in the connector has solidified so I lightly press the wire end with the flux against the solder and apply heat to the outside of the connector. When the solder melts the wire will slide all the way to the bottom of the solder side of the connector and there should be enough heat to allow the solder to tin and fill the strands of wire. When cool I dare you to try and pull the two apart. There is just enough solder in the connector to fill the strands of wire without pushing the solder out that little hole.

Not saying this is the only way but it works for me.