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I recently picked up a TRX4 '79 Bronco myself and am LOVING it. I've had the truck about a month, taken it out to the trail several times, and have installed several upgrades on it thus far.

Can't say for the simplicity of the kit build since I went RTR, but a few points to consider with the TRX4s. Most people swap out the servos pretty quick. The stock TRX4 steering servo simply doesn't have enough torque to turn the wheels while the truck is stopped in awkward positions. My Bronco has the stock servo and I can't wait to swap it out.

From a value standpoint, you're better off with the full TRX4 kit and swapping in whatever electronics you want. Just the locking/unlocking diffs alone cost the difference in price from the Sport kit to the full kit. Another thing to think about is the body. The standard kit doesn't come with one, while the Sport does. That may change the value equation for you depending on your wants and needs. I personally got into crawlers because I wanted a scale looking truck, as all I've had over the years were standard fare for monster trucks, stadium trucks, and touring cars about 10-15 years ago. The Sport's body, while nice, didn't really tick the box for me in the scale department.

Consider where and how you're going to be driving. Are you going to strictly crawl on rocks, or are you going to do some trail crawling? The Sport is a better rock crawler out of the box due to it's lighter body and less overhang (better approach and departure angles), but the standard TRX4 has a tighter turning radius with the unlockable diffs and can go a few mph faster due to the 2 speed. I fall into the trail crawling category and find myself switching the diff and transmission frequently. The diffs and 2-speed are what sold me on the TRX4 over the other crawlers that was also considering, such as the Redcat Gen8 V2 (more comparable to the TRX-4 Sport since it doesn't have a 2 speed or unlocking diffs) and Axial SCX10 iii Early Bronco (2 speed is less effective than the TRX4's and I wasn't completely sold on the Dig unit. Though I do like the fact that it has an interior and an engine looking motor cover.). BTW, the standard TRX4 is pretty quick for a crawler on 3S.

If you plan on doing some upgrades other than electronics, consider brass diff and portal covers, C-Hubs, Steering knuckles, and hex hubs, as well as heavier wheels and stickier tires (stock tires are OK, but there's plenty of room for improvement). The brass upgrades will help quite a bit in keeping the truck planted when climbing and side hilling, while stickier tires will grant better traction on the rocks.

Hope this helps.