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Originally Posted by speedracerntrixie View Post
I had only asked for one single data point right?
I was responding to the most recent comment, the one where you accused me of cherry picking data:
Originally Posted by speedracerntrixie View Post
Or just annoyed that Franklin has this set of documents and is cherry picking the bits of information that best suits his “ long game “.
And it's hardly word games. I'm using precise language lest someone come in and try to say I said something I did not. For example, I think above you asked about "the date of the last agreement the AMA helped broker with the FAA." Well, I don't know what meets your criteria to say the agreement was one the "AMA helped broker." Are those documents were AMA HQ was a direct participant in negotiations? Or AMA was a signatory? Or merely a representative of the AMA? Or simply the club? Nobody knows because you don't use precise language. So I use precise language.

To answer what I believe you to mean by that statement above, I provide the following precise language response:

"In the documents provided to me by the FAA in response to my FOIA request, under a cover letter dated 30 March 2022, the most recent agreement of any type that I've found thus far is 15 June 2021. That's less than a year ago. That said, I caveat this by saying "thus far." I have not completed going through all 600 pages in detail."

As you also accused me of cherry picking, I'm going through and methodically recording the club name and the altitudes approved. I think you're going to find that based on the documents provided by the FAA, the 28 examples above are a fairly representative group when it comes to actual approved altitudes as reflected in the documents. If anything, they likely overstate how often clubs get above 400 (as a percent of all agreements).