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Default Chief aircraft sucks!

i am assembling a Pilot RC 88" Extra 300. The horizontal stabilizers have two tabs on the bottom and you mount with two screws into blind nuts in each side. I mounted the first stab, and tightened the screws, then mounted the other stab with the first screw. When I put in the second screw it went in fine, but when it was ready to tighten it just turned. I removed the other other stab, and looked through a hole while turning the screw. I was so happy to find the bling nut turning. I could not remove the screw. I cut out a small piece of sheeting between the two holes hidden by the stab, the cheapo blind nut is so thin I cannot grab it. So I called Chief Aircraft the distributor for Pilot planes and described my problem. The jerk I was speaking to said well throw it away and buy a new one! Nice guy, and great customer service! I asked to speak to his supervisor and the guy came on the phone. I described my problem and he said you have a big problem. But I have no idea how to remove the screw. I told him it is a manufacturers defect, send me a new plane. Oh I cant do that he said, but if you buy a new plane I will give you a 10% discount. Generous guy, he wants me to throw away a $800 plane and buy a new one. I will never buy another anything from those jerks! BUYER BEWARE, IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH A CHIEF AIRCRAFT PURCHASE YOU WILL GET NOW SATISFACTION, BUT THEY WILL OFFER YOU ADVICE, THEY WILL TELL YOU TO THROW AWAY THE AIRPLANE!