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Lonnie Hyde
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Default Changing power choice.

Hello. I would like to seek advice on converting a 29.5 gas engine, on a lower drive unit outboard to a 8-10 S electric brush-less electric motor. The private lake that I am trying to get permission to use, is suggesting, they may want me to use an electric boat instead of gas, because of the possibility of noise. I am just getting back into the hobby after years of being out of it. I am still learning and relearning this new world of boating. I am using a large scale F1 boat and I might have to convert it to an electric boat instead of gas. My only real concern is what kind of adapter do I need to remove the gas engine from the drive unit, and replace it with an electric motor, and what brand of motor should be used. Any advice is welcomed. I know that there is someone out there, that has been down this road before and they might be able make this possible conversion a little easier for me. Thanks to anyone that can help. Advise when you can. Best regards. Lonnie Hyde.