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Default Wirbelwind 98% done!

Thanks for looking!
Here is my latest creation from DGS Military Hobby a old/new Wirbelwind! This vehicle represents one from July/Aug. 1944 belonging to 12th SS in Normandy. The turret is a kit from WCP in the U.K. nice piece of gear! The upper and lower are from an old Pz. IV that was gutted and rebuilt with Asiatam metal sprockets, idlers, return rollers and bogies and carriage. It has metal tracks as well. Moves pretty well on the grass. The upper was modified to look correct for this particular Wirbelwind with the 2 spare bogies, Notek lamp headlight, cleaning rod boxes, and some other items removed and added to make it look more correct. Internally it is powered by a Clark TK80 sbus board with upgraded speaker. Kenny at Dakrctanks set up the accurate sounds on the board. Has steel gearboxes, Tarr smoker. (Although I do have to do some mods, too much smoke!!! LOL! ) Please note, I have the sound turned WAY DOWN! When I do a film at the field I will crank it up!
Paints are Tamiya with the usual polkadot oils weathering although with the flash on the camera you lose a bit of the detail. The figures are also WCP and are made available with the kit. I will be adding a few more details inside the turret but the vehicle is 98% finished and operational enough to run around...

For this and other of my creations follow me on youtube and make sure you check out my website for other gear :
And my U.S. distributor:
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