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Originally Posted by jarndice View Post
If it is your intention to move from Tiger 1 early to Tiger 1 late then apart from the new wheels the sprockets and idlers will need to be changed,
Taigen sell a Tiger 1 late Turret which is an easy swap for Heng Longs Tiger 1 early Turret.
It would be cheaper and easier to change the Heng Long Tiger 1 ABS Hull for a metal Taigen Hull which if you shop around will come with metal gearboxes and full metal wheels. sprockets and idlers complete with quick release as well as torsion bar suspension.
Do make sure it is a Tiger 1 late Hull,
A track adjuster is much easier to fit in the Taigen Metal Hull.
Last Sunday, a friend was running the Sherman and the track came right off! A pin came out but fortunately we were able to find it in the dirt, incredible I know. Sooo, I had no choice but to fix it. Compared to fixing/tightening the treads on a Tiger, the Sherman is much easier. All metal sprockets, idlers, running wheels, suspension arms and tracks make the job much easier and there's much more room to do it than as opposed to the Tiger's 18 wheels on each side. It comes with the metal track tightener but I had to take out a link all the same which wasn't too difficult. Greased all the bearings while I was at it.
The Tiger however, was a different story. Although it does come with a track tightener (and the tracks are actually metal - they're just painted black and DO have pins) it wasn't an easy job. Didn't know for sure what I was doing but a couple vids on YouTube helped. Too make a long story short, both port and starboard tracks needed a pin taken out in order for them to be tightened adequately. It wasn't a fun job but with some perseverence, I got the job done and hopefully they'll stay tight for awhile, same with the Sherm.
So now it's on to bigger and better things. Upgrading to cannon smoke and fpv's for each, then maybe some cosmetic surgery come this fall in the off-season.