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This is a complicated question for us to answer. Let me explain why you've had 40+ views and no replies:
  1. You have limited yourself to nitro power. Could a larger gas boat or an electric work as well? Each has its own benefits and drawbacks
  2. What kind of hull would you prefer? This is one that you really need to look at since there are basically four kinds of hulls you could be looking at, that is, if you really want to stay with nitro. These are vee hulls(which can be subdivided into deep or shallow), catamarans, sport or scale hydroplanes and racing outrigger hydroplanes
  3. What kind of drive do you prefer? You have two choices, an inboard or outboard engine, using the appropriate drive setups to go with it
  4. Are you looking at RTR(ready to run), assembling a kit or building from plans?
  5. How large of area is the lake or pond you're looking at running on? Does it get rough or is it normally fairly flat? Is wind an issue?
  6. Do full sized boats run on it and if so, how fast? Do people swim in that lake anywhere close to where you plan on running your boat?
  7. If you stick with nitro for power, did you know they need to be tuned differently than a car or plane?
As you can probably tell, it's not easy to answer your general question since you really need to answer these 7 questions, and maybe more, to narrow things down a bit.