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That's a lovely plane/build, but ...

Pleasepleaseplease, put it on a shelve, for now, and start with a dedicated trainer.
You will crash this one within five to ten seconds, that would be such a shame.

You cannot fly. Enough to crash it.
Scale models are less forgiving and less (self) stable. Enough to crash it.
There will be setup and minor building errors in your plane. Enough to crash it.
You cannot fly, hence you cannot trim it. Enough to crash it.

I hope I scared you Enough not to crash it

Training/trainer suggestions:
Advice for getting into flying RC airplanes, and how not to - The Ampeer
Get experienced help to check your build, to set it up, to trim it, to start and land it, to take over when you get in trouble when flying. A club is another option.

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