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3 weekends ago we were attending the Aquino weekend at the Ontario Regiment museum. Everything was going along fine until late in the afternoon on Saturday a dust devil decided to blow through our area and took out 2 of my tents and knocked 5 tanks off the table... I couldn't bring myself to look at them until yesterday. I thought I would start with my Wirbelwind as that one I had just finished up. The gunner was decapitated but that was an easy fix. glue the head back on! LOL! The sights were gone, main armature broken, the small upper shield broken off, rear inner fender broken, the front hull plate and rear hull plate were actually dislodged, a couple of tools missing, but all in all not as broken as it could have been! so glued the small upper shield back in position. It was a clean break. Installed a pin and glued the main armature back together, repositioned hull plates. The front one now has some gaps to fill. It was at this point I decided to scratch build a new gun sight for the beast. I didn't particularly like the original as it was too bulky and didn't look detailed enough so why not! you can see the original, the sight I modelled it off and the different steps I did to build it up from little pieces and parts of styrene plastic and a thin slice of brass tube. The pictures are extreme close up but I think it looks much better! And being mounted with magnets gives it some flex in operation and lets me remove it when I want to transport... 🙂

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