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Default I could use some help on drawings on a boat hull I am trying to build

Forgive me if I posted this in wrong place. Wasnít really sure where to post it bring it is t a remote control boat Iím needing help with. Let me explain, my 21í center console boat along with most of my fishing stuff was stolen, unhitched from my truck with trailer lock. So I am trying to build myself a small trolling motor powered skiff type catamaran style boat just to get me to my favorite fishing spots till I get enough save up for another boat.
I hv been trying for several days and about 30 hours of research I mean 30 hours. Trying to figure out the angles to cut my plastic wall board in order to make a hydraplane/ drag boat front sponson. Iím going to drill holes along the edge of leading edges and wire the pieces together in order to make the shape of a front sponson and add some bracing inside of mold and pour floatation foam inside of mold, then Do 3 layers of Eglass and then 2 layers of gel coat.
I am having major trouble goi g thru. Ton of cardboard, poster board trying to get the angles cut in that will make the upward angles that Angie upwards and around front of sponson. You boat builders make these racing boats sure make it look so easy, I hv watched so many utube videos on people building the sponsons it looked like gravy, I was so far off itís pathetic. The sponson in am trying to build do t know what they call the design. It it has 5 sides or angles bottom, inside, outside, 2 other angles between outside and top cover. I just need the sponson help I hv the rest of the design figured out. Pretty much straight angles. One side when completed will be around 11 foot long, Iím making a mold because I want both sides to be identical, there will be layered 3/4Ē plywood fiberglassed between each catamaran hull. Each hull will be seperate of each other. If there is anyone e that would be willing to share or help me with plans or have drawings you would really be helping me out so much. I woukd be very greatfull. I do not have any remote boats or planes. My wife suggested I ask a forum since you guys do it quite often. And sone of these boats are freaking amazing. I hv drawing abs pics of what Iím going for but not sure I can attach pics but going to try. Not sure if I should post my email or not maybe anyone that will help me can go into my bio page to get it. Will be checking post this regularly. Iím ready to start glassing but got to hv a good mold made first. You donít understand how greatful I will be to anyone that helps me out with drawings or anything in getting this sponson built. Pics are being tried to download lol thank you all god bless and stay safe
hv tried to download pictures of what Iím looking for but the sponson is aporox. 38Ē long and 16 1/2Ē wide at widest point. Squared off at back attaching it to rest of hull once built.
not sure what Iím doing wrong with pics but it will allow me to select pictures but the box where pic should be says 0% downloaded and cannot select download box. I will keep trying to download, but if anyone can help with angles to cut panels for a sponson Iím open shooting in the dark thanks again