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That 1/1/1 fuel mixture is the old mix for the old lapped and bushed diesels. If you run those engines, then use that mix. Otherwise, use a fuel more prudent for modern engines if that’s what you have. All of my diesels are converted glow units. I know, not true diesels in the best sense, but they run and make good power. With good piston sealing (mechanical condition) and a good prime, a basic fuel blend of 30-35% ether, 20-25% castor, 2% Amsoil Cetane Boost, and balance kerosene will work for most engines giving single digit hand-flip starts. Antique/vintage ferrous engines should have/need the vintage 1/1/1 fuel brew.

The MVVS may need more ether because of the conrod. More ether is easier to combust with a lower compression setting. High compression settings are hard on conrods. If the rod is the weak point of the engine, use what the manufacturer says for fuel. Most of the time, diesel manufacturers know what their engines need to run correctly.