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Thanks for the reply!

I have been using a mix of 35% ether, 25% castor oil ,2% Amsoil centane booster in my Diesels. However, I just found that MVVS suggests a mix of 45% ether, 25% castor oil and the remainder kero. To this I will add 2% DII. I will try this as soon as possible.

My mate used a 1-1-1 mix in his Russian clone of a Mills .33cc and it started in three flicks after two choked turns! What a sweet running engine!

Should an engine start by using the existing settings from the previous good run? I see people increasing the compression and making the fuel a bit richer for cold restarts. I have tried this to no avail. Must continue testing until I get good results. Of course I could avoid all of these pitfalls if I would use glow engines but I would miss the aroma of the Diesel. Lol.

Who did your conversions? I had little satisfaction with DDD conversions!

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