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Default Kingtech K45G2 spool up temps

Hi there

Need some advice pls. I have a kingtech k45 that Iím a little concerned about.

on the factory settings (column 1) my turbine starts up fine but noticed the temps on startup are pretty high.

At about 25 seconds in after startup the k45 hits 16000 rpm and temps start at this point to hit 1020degrees Celsius and stays at this mark till after 14 seconds later, when at about 31900 rpm range it starts to fall within few seconds to around 600 degrees till the turbine is running.

to get the temps down I have to adjust the pump pw ignite value to below 80 to say 75 to startup with far less peak temps during startup.

the problem is it will never startup if doing a cold start. The turbine will just time out.

any suggestions? Is that normal for a k45 to hit such high temps on startup? Iíve attached the default settings I am using (column 1).