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Agree with Jester! A little bit of Toe in is necessary and some positive camber.
The landing gear you use is probably too flimsy! What diameter do you use? 3mm or 4mm piano wire? i would recommend using 4mm.
I have a "Stick" too (think it has a wing span of 145-150cm) powered by a MVVS 4,5 cc engine (.28 to you americans) and it takes off straight as an arrow. But my grass runway is cut very short (10mm).
Have you checked the wing for warps? You should have a slight wash-out in the wing tips! -Very important!
Too big engine could also be part of your take off problem.
Also... try a better propeller! A Master A is no good (Too much noise and poor performance) compared to a RAM or Graupner G-sonic propeller or an APC.
I would also recommend using fishing wire to control all flying surfaces as it gives a light and stiff connection.
I would also advise to never ever using large ailerons going all the way up to the tip of wing as this invites flutter and makes the ailerons flimsy (you should be able to push hard on the ailerons without them moving more than a few millimeters). Better using strip ailerons, ending 10-15cm from the wing tips.