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oh wow it's a 14 turn. that's faster than i was expecting (figured maybe 17 turn), battery pending that's still comparable to about a 17.5 brushless. are you running a lipo battery or a nimh battery? cause that'll matter, it'll also have an effect on gearing. (info shared here is for lipo battery)
iv got a XXXT i used to have a 17.5 set up in (Tekin motor with LRP ESC) gearing i think i was running 18/88 and it was a bit under geared. i think i went 20/88 and that worked better but was still under geared, i don't really remember, that combo wasn't in that truck for very long. gearing with brushless is a little different than brushed, the 84 tooth spur is fine. id be tempted to use a 20t pinion just to get a base. just keep a close eye on motor and ESC temps and adjust if necessary.

no concern with the transmission as long as the diff is in good shape. your truck have a ball or gear diff? and the slipper clutch is adjusted properly.

im starting to wonder if a 13.5 wouldn't be better for your truck... cause a short course truck is a little bigger and heavier than a stadium truck. how old are your kids and how well can they drive? how much space have you got and what kind of terrain are you driving on?
they make that same system i posted earlier in a 13.5 https://www.amainhobbies.com/hobbywi...20320/p1331137

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