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Wow you're literally jumping at a brick wall in that first video That's gutsy

* I'm using 2S 5200mAh lipos.
* The pinion is 16T and the spur is 88T. These are stock.
* Diff is geared. Stock part.https://www.hobbytown.com/losi-gear-...osa2930/p25168
* The kids that are enjoying driving this are 8 and 10 yrs old now. It's a little fast for the 8 yr old, she prefers a rock crawler right now. They're not great drivers, just starting out.
* We have about as much room on grass as you do in the 2nd video at your cabin (I mean just the area you're driving in, not all that you have available)
* We have a nice quiet street too but my son says its not fun on the street, he likes driving on the grass and in the dirt.

My son burned the XXX-SCT brushed motor up running it in the yard in grass. He ran in yelling "Daddy daddy daddy" and there was smoke coming from it, I thought it was the lipo, but it was the insulation on the inductors connected to the motor burning up.

I figure he just ran it too long and too fast in the grass. When I first got it used, I ran it with a 3000mAh NiMh, so it wouldn't run very long. These 5200mAh and 6000mAh lipos let it run forever, and it was hot out that day. I didn't warn him about motor temps and taking breaks, honestly I had forgotten all this stuff, it's been a while.

So a more reasonable speed motor is fine. I'm actually thinking of just replacing it with a brushed motor, I can get one for like $18 but maybe it's worth just going brushless since it'll run cooler and I don't need to worry about brushes.

I do have a Ruslter VXL for speed so I'm ok with this one being slower.

BTW I bought all my RC cars used ages ago, it was always more affordable.

Thanks again for taking the time to ready and reply. I'm considering the combos you linked.

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