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Progress! I completed the rib stitch/tape job on the rudder, today. Used pinked tape from Dynamic Balsa and simulated stitching from Ken Kosmenko (BC, Canada).

Struggling with my control panel access hatch. I'm not satisfied with the latches I'm finding on-line. I've got some ideas on how to cobble together something using magnets or making a couple custom latches from bits from the shop. I'll try to get some pics of the space I have to work with and my magnet concept. Ideas, welcomed!

Cockpit detail source is out of production for the moment. Emailing with JP Warbirds - they may have room in their schedule next Spring. If anyone else is looking for a 1/6-scale Hellcat cockpit details, let me know or perhaps contact JP Warbirds. If there's enough interest, perhaps they'll, put a kit together. Yes, I have a kit, but I'm looking for one to match the detail that ChadV was producing.

Simulated stitching in place.

Stitching taped. There's something satisfying about this.

Just missing rockets!

Tried and true wing retention method. I used the same on Byron Hellcat as a backup. I really didn't want to put holes through the carbon fiber tubes. The block resting on the wing is for the left wing. The block contains a 1/4-20 retainer nut. There's an identical block in the right wing, shown with a nylon bolt clamping the outer panel to the inner panel. I plan to use nylon socket head bolts - should be easier to tighten with an Allen-key vs. standard screwdriver.