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I finally had the opportunity about 10 days ago to fly my 1.50 P-51 using the spring loaded retract struts from Sky Craft Hobbies in Canada. They look really good but despite their efforts they made them too long and I had to shorten each one by about 3/8' to get the wheels to fit properly in the wheel wells. My first and only landing (by concensus of the gallery) was a good landing using half flaps. I thought the landing attempt was a bit too hot and the results were not optimal. The mechanical gear was ripped from the mounting rails in the wings. Obviously, both gear collapsed and one underside of the wing was slightly damaged by a disjointed wheel and strut. These struts are good strong ones that do not bend. The fact that they do not bend places greater stress on the mounting. The springs inside them are strong and when I shortened the struts to fit I should have shortened the spring a comensurate amount so they can soak up a bit more shock. The gallery said my landing was good. I thought it was a bit too hot for a grass field. I am now significantly beefing up the mounting, looking for slightly weaker springs and will try again.