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Default Its Hear! The New Serpent 710!!!

From Serpent USA, RCCA, RCZ, and mtsn.com

All-new Serpent 710 Nitro Touring Car

Many racers have awaited Serpent’s new contender for the nitro touring class for some time, and now it's upon us - the all-new S-710. The S-710 is scheduled to be available in early December but Serpent has decided to reveal the new 710 to show some of the unique features of this brand new car.

The S-710 is a complete new platform. The design team felt that the Impulse/705 platform was already stretched to the limit performance wise, and that they had to start with a clean sheet of paper. And that’s exactly what they have done. The S-710 has been under development for over 2 years now, resulting in a highly advanced top level racing car loaded with well tested innovative technical features.

New features (front)
Some of the features of the new 710:
- quick change system for front transmission; you can change from front shaft, to differential or solid axles in a few minutes only
- front blocks with integrated belt-tension adjusters (eccentric)
- same length wheel-axles and drive-shafts front and rear
- re-inforced, long wishbones
- center shaft servo-saver system with adjustable spring-tension and Ackermann
- integrated mounting position for personal transponder
- adjustable steel track-rod

New features (rear)
- new geometry up-rights with high upper mounting position; adjustable camber and toe-in
- re-active rear suspension
- re-inforced, long wishbones; lower rear suspension arms with 2 mounting postions for the anti-roll bar and shocks
- adjustable rear ball-differential with easy external diff-adjustment
- quick change system for rear transmission; you can change from differential (standard) to solid axle in a few minutes
- rear blocks with integrated belt-tension-adjusters (eccentric)
- easy to use adjustable roll-center through nylon pivot inserts
- same length wheel-axles and drive-shafts front and rear
- rear right bracket with new brake-position, creating better cooling
- disk-brake with steel disk and plates and excellent friction brake-material; cam-operated with auto-return spring-system
- carbon fibre upper rear plate

New features (centre section)
- carbon fibre side-plates with integrated ball-raced belt-tensioner
- lower engine mounting position
- side-mounted receiver position with protection case
- 75ccm fueltank with integrated filter, AFL-fuelcap and with special shape for low CG and rubber-mounted
- battery-pack mounted below fueltank, easy access through chassis-plate (battery not included)

See it here: http://www.mytsn.com/products/desc.asp?prid=3293