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Default RE: Time to get wet.

My first airboat was built back in the mid 80's. A Dumas Lil' Swamp Buggy. I had loads of fun with it, also powered with a Cox .049 engine. Not that fast, but very managable. I got into other boats after that. But would still have an AB around to have some fun with

Based on the LSB, I designed several small airboats for the same powerplant. Some worked good, and some s*#%^*. BUt not much money was invested, but it taught me alot of what I now know about airboats.

I revisited my younger years a few years ago and designed some more .049 boats. All four of these hulls are entirely balsa, with a few pieces of ply here and there. Covering is not paint, but iron on plastic covering like you use on airplanes. Great to work with, fast, no odor, fast, lots of bright colors,fast. Did I say fast? I could cover one of these in about 1 1/2 hours and have it running minutes after that.

The engines used on them are as follows........Cox 290 (twin port), Cox Babe Bee (single port), Cox Black Widow (twin port) and a Norvel .049. ALL of these motors do not have throttle control. They run wide open from the first flip to the last drop of fuel. Loads of fun.

I have built other airboats in the past, powered by McCoy Redheads, K&B Greenheads (you older type fly guys should know what these are) Super Tiger G's, OS MAX's. And moving along to a more modern timeline, OS FS, and my favorites, MDS. When I get an itch to try something new, that meant getting rid of one to make room. I lost count of how many I have built over the past 20or so years. My favorite was a canard design w/.049 power. Always did want to scale it up.............

Excuse me, I hear a pencil and paper calling.................