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Default RE: Hangar 9 150 Size P-51

Hello guys, I have a 60 size h9 p51 that i bought about 6 months ago. so far I have built the wings and tail feathers and installed the retract servo and have also installed a Saito 100 four stroke up front. i'm thinking of getting a Futaba 9 c or a 9z radio (ouch!) for guidance. I am very impressed with the quality of the model and would recommend it any one interested in a mustang. my only negative comments are that the gear is a little weak for my taste (i fly off grass) and the gear when in the retracted position is not fully up but sags down about a 1/4 of an inch at the wheel. I called the tech department at Horizon hobby and they said that "thats just the way it is for servo powered gears, and that it can't be fixed". also i had to make the retract servo tray taller to reach the push rods. it was an easy fix though. Just to make my mustang some what different I placed a black checker decal on the hole rudder and it looks really cool with out over doing it.

My problem now is that i saw the h9 1.50 size mustang and now I want one unfourtuately I must sell the 60 size first.