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Default RE: Time to get wet.

There is always a time to use the right product!

All my small (1/2A) airboats are design/idea test beds. They are cheap and fast to build, cheap to equipt, cheap to run, but are still a lot of fun.

I use the plastic covering on all my small boats for a couple simple reasons.
It's fast . And I consider the boats expendable. They are design tests after all.
Also with the covering, if I want to make a modification, I don't have to sand down paint to get glue to stick, a quick slice through the covering, a little heat and peel it off.

If the small boat makes it through the testing stage, well then, I have another fun boat.
Don't get me wrong, the covering is durable, but not as durable as a good hard coat finish.
If I hit the same pipe you did, I'm sure you would be able to tell.