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Default RE: fuel tank position

thanks TERBObob
after this i will made some modification on engine stand. engine will be stay in this (horizontal) position but tank will be moved and placed on top of stand (over engine). this is abt 2 - 3 cm higher than carb.
pictures......come soon. (finished boat, don't have step by step)

boat is made on polyurethane board with polyester. 3 ply - 200g/mtr-sq. total weight 5,3kg. length 850cm, width 490cm, height boat 10cm and engine pod 17cm - total 27-30cm. engine os max 40fp, sanwa 2ch dash V. tank is made from baby shampoo bottle 200cc, radio-box is made from plastic 1kg ice-cream box. this is short but you will see the picture.

thanks again