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Default 280 or 370...That is the question

I am going to buy the Dragonfly R.T.F. or Hummingbird A.R.F.
I am already a helicopter pilot, but new to electric helicopters.
I like the idea of the ready built Dragonfly, but you usually need to final trim a heli anyway so putting together the hummingbird wouldn't be a huge pain.
While researching the pros and cons of each of these models I found that the Hummingbird has a 370 motor and the Dragonfly only has a 270. Is this a noticable difference? I am definately partial to performance. I also like the way the hummingbird looks. Especially the support struts on the tail boom. It makes it look sturdier and sportier like my gas heli.
One more question...
If I ever put the Bell 222 Airwolf body (you gotta love it) on it does the extra weight hurt performance much?
Any info on these matters would be greatly appreciated.

Hope all had a great Thanksgiving!