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Default Need Yellow F-18 Single Tips

Hi Chad,

I have been flying one for about 3 years now. All the throws in the instructions are right on. Use about 15 degrees of flap for take-off. One suggestion I have is to check the tracking of the main wheels. Almost all I've seen and mine also have LOT'S of toe end to get it to track straight. If not you will be busy repairing the missle rail's and all over the runway. Other than that it is a normal jet take-off: brakes off, let it build-up speed, should rotate smoothly, gear up then flaps. At this point take a breath, hate those test flights.., and have fun. I truely enjoy flying mine.
For landing: when you drop the flaps to full you might have some down pitch. I have a little up elevator programmed into my JR10X. Another thing I have discovered the hard way is SLOW DOWN before you drop the gear. On more than one occasion one of my main gear were not locked on touchdown. Once I slowed down before dropping the gear the problem went away. I don't use a real long approach. The flaps are VERY effective so watch your sink rate. I hope this helped. If you need anything drop me an e-mail.