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Default RE: New airboat with pics and rudder question.

In your top post you say that the boat scoots across the water , perfectly flat and slides , but , thats the way the airboats are supposed to react . Sounds like it's handling is perfect . If you need more performance out of her , the only option I can think of , is a different motor with more torque to swing a bigger prop ? The picture above is not really clear where the prop is , but was also wondering if you might have tried different pitched props , larger prop , or a 3 blader yet ? The rudder will only control the boats ride attitude .
If you look in the CLASSIFIED section here on RCU , there are sometimes some GREAT deals on slightly used props . Might find some that you could change over to that might give you a bit more speed . First , I wouldn;t go drastic , and would try a higher pitched prop with the same length , then if you get maxxed out there , try a 3 blader ( I know they're not all that easy to find ) and as a final option , change motors to one that has more torque to it .

And hey Pro , the idea sounds like a good one ( even though I only use wood and 2 part foam filler ) , and would be an intereting one as well .
Why don;t you start a thread and see what kind , and how many responses you get ?