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Default RE: fuel tank position

I can see that you may have a fuel feed problem in the near future.
It would have been better to mount the tank horizontal, instead of vertical.

O --- ok

O : not ok

The O is the motor, the --- & : are the tank.

With the tank mounted horizontal, with the centerline of the tank centered with the centerline of the engine (carburator), will give you your best overall fuel draw. Using the muffler pressure helps this quite a bit. Also, a little higher than center is also ok.

The way you have it now, vertical, it will run fine for a few minutes, but will have a hard time sucking up the fuel. Even with muffler pressure, it will have a hard time pressurizing the tank enough to be able to use all the fuel in it. It has to overcome too large of an up-hill travel. You will end up depriving the engine of fuel and it will die out.

Without rebuilding your pylon....
I would suggest adding a horizontal platform on the same side you have the tank on, and mount the tank there. You may have to offset it a bit because of the bottom of the motor. This will work better than the way it is now.

For a better idea of what I am tallking about, check out the Verner site's photo pages and look how this is done on some of them that have the side mounted engines.