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Default RE: New Darth LMH Fuselage A350

As my fuselages gain popularity, I plan a few more designs for the following year to come. Im looking at the AH-64 apache in 2004. Also, I have a newer molding process. I will be redesigning a few fuselages that I produce. The Bell 206 Jet Ranger will be reworked. Also the Hughes 500E will have a 500D conversion. The Huey will sometime in 2004 be reworked. More detailing will be added. These are some of the plans I have for 2004. If you guys have any fuselage designs you wouldnt mind seeing give me a hollar. Keep in mind the tail rotor position. There is someone working on an elevated tail for the LMH for such fuselages designs as the Apache. Ive thought about a Blue Thunder design. Im also thinking about doing some chassis work also. Just some insight, I have the apache drawing scaled up for the LMH already.